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I help photographers wanting to make their first  $100,000. 

If you aren't making enough money or can't find the right clients then you are in the right place.

Real, actionable advice to help you reach your goals and build a six figure photography business. 

hi, i'm melissa

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I want you to have a photography business that you love, that you enjoy working in and get paid really, really well. 

Using proven strategies that actually work, you will improve your business, make more while working less and have the stability and confidence to run a profitable photography business. 

You don't need all the mediocre advice that's out there for photographers, you need a proven framework to get the results you want.

My mission is give you real, tried and true advice to help you create + grow  the business you want by:

Creating possibilities + outcomes that you never dreamed possible.

Giving you a sense of clarity around your business, visualizing + executing exactly what you want.

Attracting your dream clients who are in love with your style + what you do best.

Building a foundation that will ensure your continued growth and more time to operate in your zone of genius.

Working less + earning more because you are unafraid of selling and making money. 

Changing the complete trajectory of your business by showing up in a new way, a way you never thought was possible and in alignment with what you're wanting to create for your life.

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create a stress free business that is easy + enjoyable

get paid really well because you believe in you + the value you offer

attract clients who are in love with you + what you do

discover the missing ingredients to scale your business with strategies that work

simplified, step by step programs to get the results you want


Evolve! is a transformational 4-week program that uses video based teaching, weekly ‘pre-work’ exercises and bonus content that covers ideas + concepts that will guide you in creating the possibilities you want for your business and your life.

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The Cocktail Effect
Marketing Method 

If you are ready to start making more money consistently and are ready to grow your business to six figures this program is for you.  I created this method myself, when I grew tired of the hustle + inconsistent income, a thoughtful approach to business, an easy step by step marketing system designed to get you from A to Z.


Business Consulting

This option is perfect for photography business owners that are ready to make 6 figures but want a personalized, one on one approach.

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CLAUDIA changed careers at 40 and has evolved from an absolute beginner to  SOUGHT AFTER EDITORIAL PHOTOGRAPHER

"Melissa's empathetic, yet honest approach is the perfect combination 

to leave you motivated and equipped with the tools to be a successful and happy business owner!

be inspired by what is possible!

You're gonna like this pod if: 


You want to shift your business + earn six figures


You want encouragement from someone who's been there.


You want to laugh while talking about all things photography, life and more.

I'm starting at the very beginning and using this podcast to help you build a foundation for your photography business. I encourage sending me questions on any photography business topic you would like to learn more about.

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"Melissa has been a multi passioned entrepreneur for close to 30 years. Getting her start in NYC, she has helped countless businesses in her career get off the ground, streamline and become profitable. 

Already involved in the operations side of Keith’s photography business, after turning 40 she followed her passion and went back to college to study photography. With Melissa joining the creative side of the business, the couple rebranded and became Keith & Melissa Photographers. She continued to grow their business by incorporating strategies that led to higher profits and long term growth. They designed a business that worked for their lifestyle. Most recently Melissa has graduated as a life coach, specializing in business and growth mindset.  She currently resides in Montpellier, France with Keith, her two teen daughters and her 3 rescue dogs.

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