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Hi, I'm Melissa. I'll teach you the tools you need to build your dream business, attract the clients you want to work with and stand out in a saturated market. 

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Imagine booking your ideal clients consistently. Scaling your business. Easily making more money.  In this FREE Course you will learn how these 3 things will help you build a brand that connects + converts and creates raving fans!

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3 Things You

say hello to your most profitable year yet 

create a stress free business that is easy + enjoyable

get paid really well because you believe in you + the value you offer

attract clients who are in love with you + what you do

discover the missing ingredients to scale your business with strategies that work

CLAUDIA changed careers at 40 and has evolved from an absolute beginner to  SOUGHT AFTER EDITORIAL PHOTOGRAPHER

"Melissa's empathetic, yet honest approach is the perfect combination 

to leave you motivated and equipped with the tools to be a successful and happy business owner!

be inspired by what is possible!

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You want to shift your business + earn six figures


You want encouragement from someone who's been there.


You want to laugh while talking about all things photography, life and more.

I'm starting at the very beginning and using this podcast to help you build a foundation for your photography business. I encourage sending me questions on any photography business topic you would like to learn more about.

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"Melissa has been a multi passioned entrepreneur for close to 30 years. Getting her start in NYC, she has helped countless businesses in her career get off the ground, streamline and become profitable. 

Currently living in Paris, France. My impossible is happening! 

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