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Have a photography business that supports the life you want?


This transformational 4 week program is for photographers that want to build 6 figure businesses but don't know where to start.  Inside you will find pre-work exercises, video lessons and bonus content to guide you to create the possibilities you want for your photography business (and your life!) 

Give me 4 weeks and I will show you how to create the foundation you need to earn more money + grow your photography business. 


the prosperous photographer

You're ready to start making more money consistently.

You have already done the hard work by becoming a photographer and starting your own business. Now let’s take this idea and put it to work for you.

Hi, I'm Melissa. My husband Keith and I have had a successful photography business for over 25 years. During that time, I have worked with countless photographers, helping establish their businesses, consult on pricing, create strong marketing strategies and add extremely profitable revenue streams to their bottom line.

 I've made the mistakes so you don't have to.

through years of experience I've learned what works and what doesn't. 

I know exactly what it's like to struggle building a photography business.

I truly understand the trial and error that comes with creating + sustaining a business like this. 

It can be challenging to establish yourself in an over-saturated market. How do you stand out and how do you remain relevant season after season?

i've made the mistakes so you don't have to!


week one

The Process of Evolving

To evolve, you need to know where you are starting from. Our pre work will help determine where you are now and where you want your business to be. 

week two

All the Possibility

We discuss the outcomes you want for your business and discover that your possibilities are endless. What can you do with your business? Whatever you want to. 

week three

week four

Making your Declaration

Creating the Result

As we enter week 3, we get specific. Pick the possibility that will make your business what you most want to be.

We uncover what is in the way of you achieving your possibility -  and create an action plan to overcome and achieve the outcome.


the evolve! program is perfect for you if:

you have just started out and need a versatile system in place to create new client relationships and generate a solid revenue stream.

you are looking to increase your income and could benefit from a proven marketing system and the ability to professionalize your business

and being limited by what you currently believe is possible for your business. you are ready to create a business that works for you.

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5 Steps to Get Big Results in your Photography Business!

Looking to create more money & turn your clients into raving fans and lifelong clients. These 5 Steps will help you get BIG results in your photo business right away. Grab a pen and an open mind and let's start creating your breakthrough year!

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1x week video based training for one month

Plan based on your learning style

GROW YOUR business with support

Follow a proven roadmap

Get your money back if this isn't the right fit.

Try it for 15 days

I believe in EVOLVE! Program so much that I want you to try it and if it isn't the right fit for you - then we will give you your money back. But you have to send us an email to by day 15.

In the last 15 years, I have helped photographers like you generate sales and increase their bottom line just like us. So we are pretty darn sure this will work for you too!


money back guarantee


I'm busy, if I can't commit to your schedule, can I go at my own pace?

Absolutely. Once all 4 weeks are released, you can go at your own pace. Pick and choose when - maybe you want to binge all modules as soon as possible or take it in stride doing everything step by step, week by week. Whatever works for your learning style and your available time. Remember, you have lifetime access. Your journey is yours - but we are here to support you whatever journey works best. 

Is The Evolve! Program right for me?

We offer a 100% money back guarantee. Try it for 15 days. We believe in The Evolve philosophy so much that we want you to try it and if it isn't the right fit for you - then we will give you your money back. The only catch? You have to send us an email to by day 15.

Who teaches The Evolve! Program? 

Melissa has been a multi passioned entrepreneur for close to 30 years. Getting her start in NYC, she has helped countless businesses over the years get off the ground, streamline and become profitable. Already involved in the operations side of Keith’s photography business, at 45 she followed her passion and went back to college to study photography. With Melissa joining the creative side of the business, the couple rebranded and became Keith & Melissa Photographers.  She continued to grow their business by incorporating strategies that led to higher profits and long term growth. They designed a business that worked for their lifestyle. Most recently Melissa has graduated as a life coach, specializing in business. 

She is currently living in the South of France with her husband Keith, their teen daughters + 4 rescue dogs.