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My mission is to help you create a business and life that you want: profitable, inspired and on your terms.  Give yourself permission to have the business you truly want. 


What does this mean exactly? For me becoming a fuller version of myself is that I continue to dream and accept the challenges that come along with it.

Right now I think my life is pretty damn good. I’m in the process of moving to France as I had laid out in my most recent life plan. Check that box.

From where I’m standing, life’s not so bad.

But it doesn’t stop here.

Now I’m here at the top of this mountain but I see so many peaks out in front of me. Ways to make my life more challenging and certainly not boring.

Immediate challenges I have are furnishing a home in France, moving our personal belongings from Phoenix to Montpellier, renting or selling our home, making new friends here, settling my kids into school, establishing this new life and of course learning French.

Each of these could be considered obstacles for me. They are all challenges but challenges that I embrace.

I continuously crave more, want to experience more and become a fuller version of myself.

The two parts of my brain tell me two different things. The adult, pre frontal cortex part is telling me that I can create and do whatever I set my mind to. It’s excited at all the potential this move to France has to offer.

But the primitive brain sneaks in and tells me all these big changes and things I need to do are just too much, too scary. My primitive brain is trying to keep me safe, keep me in my safe comfort zone living my easy breezy life in Phoenix.

I have decided to give myself permission to create this life for me, for us in France. I might fail at some of these tasks. But failing going after my dream versus staying status quo living the same life is a gamble I’m willing to take. I have no idea where this next chapter will lead to but it’s that uncertainty that makes me excited.

Overcome all of your brain’s obstacles by asking yourself all the questions. What needs to be done? Remove every road block your mind puts in your way. Don’t let these sneaky little thoughts get in the way of what you truly want.

Remember, the world is waiting for you. Reinvent yourself, become a fuller version of yourself.

[Side Note: I can barely recall English grammar at this point, so struggling to (re)learn the little French I knew 30 years ago is going to be one of my biggest challenges. But I am so looking forward to the day when the words roll naturally of the tongue and I have an accent that doesn’t make my 17 year old daughter cringe! ]

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