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How to believe in yourself when you aren’t financially secure

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how to believe in yourself when you aren't financially secure

How to believe in yourself when you don’t feel financially secure?

This can be a rough one. It’s not easy at all. I’ve been exactly here – where you feel like you are alone – that everyone else has it figured out and you don’t. 

You start questioning yourself – blaming yourself and your current circumstances about why you aren’t financially secure with statements like: 

I started too late. I have the worst job. They don’t pay me enough. I’ll have to work forever. I’m in so much debt I will never climb out of it. I don’t have enough time to make more money. Making enough money is so hard. There’s not enough money to go around. Everyone else has a better education (better childhood, better parents, better opportunity, better husband, better family situation, better health…) No matter what I do, I’m never going to have enough money. 

You probably aren’t going to want to hear this BUT the story you are telling yourself is the source of a lot of your money anguish. 

As the old saying goes, what you look for is what you will find. You are creating evidence for yourself about why being financial secure remains elusive for you. 

What you are currently believing about money and your opportunities is exactly what is holding you back. You believe these thoughts as if they were facts.

I know cause I’ve been in this exact spot thinking that  ‘I’m doing the best I can’. That it ‘isn’t easy’. In fact ‘it’s so tough’ that ‘You have no idea’.

A shitty money situation sucks. 

We have created our current financial situation because of all of our long held beliefs and thoughts about creating money, keeping money, having money.  

The really good news is that you control the narrative.

To believe in yourself when you aren’t financially secure, you have to begin by changing the way you think about money. 

Write down all these thoughts you have around money. Because what we believe about money is exactly what is keeping us from being financially secure. 

When I was having my personal financial crisis a few years back I was in this ridiculous downward spiral that I am astounded by now. How did I let this happen? I thought life sucked. How were we ever going to come out of this? Not only come out of it but get our life back together? Prosper? Save? Get by? 

After feeling sorry for myself for awhile I realized that my negative approach was one of the major factors in my financial mess. I was letting life happen to me rather than controlling the trajectory that it could take. There was no room in my head to be positive about money. Zero. 

To believe in myself I had to change my attitude about money and what it meant to me. 

I had to understand what I actually believed about money and why this was holding me back. It wasn’t easy and I’m oversimplifying the time it took but I eventually understood that I could create more money. That building wealth for myself, rather than being a passive participant in my life, would help solve a lot of the problems I was having.

I had such a scarcity mindset. It was awful. I honestly think back to that stretch and am blown away by how sad I was. How I was able to get so low that I allowed this financial mess to happen to me. I allowed it to happen to me.

When I started to believe in possibility I found my strengths again. I reminded myself of how mentally strong I am. How resilient. How intelligent I am. That a set of circumstances outside of my control were not going to continue to drag down my money story and the trajectory of my life. 

Becoming positive about money was instrumental to my success. It was paramount to believe in myself in order to become financially secure. 

Start believing a new narrative about your financial life – and create a positive money story. Your life will be forever changed.

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