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Do you have that friend that just inspires you? The one that every time you are around you feel like hours pass like minutes because of all the great conversations, stories and laughter? Well Corinna Cooke is that friend….

When I started letting friends know about my plans to go to France I realized how fortunate I was that my 3 closest friends and my sister all have strong ties to Europe. 1. Rome, 2. Germany, 3. Sicily, 4. Ireland. This makes it so much easier, knowing that you can easily connect with great friends several times per year.

Corinna, the Rome connection is an author that writes books exclusively about Italy and has a fabulous tour called Glam Italia. Twice a year she spends several months in Italy – so I knew that I would be able to regularly catch up with her.

And this past weekend we did!

As always, Rome was fantastic. Lively and full of energy. A bit rainy, epic dark clouds at times and sun, wind, hail, you name it, we had that weather in the few days we were there. Sometimes all within a few minutes!

I have to admit, it is surreal knowing that we are within a stone’s throw of so many great places. In the past month, we have spent time in Paris, Barcelona and now Rome. Between the high speed train and these easy flights, I’m living in the South of France and able to bounce around Europe with my 17 year old daughter.

There was a brief point when we seriously considered Rome for our move. But my heart had been set on France since I was little. We did our due diligence, consulting with an immigration attorney to see what was possible (for Keith’s mom). And France still checked all the boxes that worked for us as a family of 3 generations, a senior on one end and 2 teenage daughters on the other and Keith and I in the middle.

I just love how these shoes are arranged by color. I wish I had taken more photos of the store…so perfectly configured by shades. Beautiful.

But Roma, you are incredible. The history, my goodness. The art, insane. Every. where. you. look. The ground under you can fill a thousand history books. I remember hearing an American who has lived in Rome say something to the effect that you could live here for 50 years and never scratch the surface of all that Rome can teach you.

The food, the wine, just everything. Everywhere. It’s hard to not try just a little of this and a little of that. And of course, the coffee and the wine, the churches, the art. Can you imagine how much there is to learn? To admire?

I have to pinch myself sometimes. I was more than happy living my life in Phoenix. But I wanted to challenge myself and fortunately for me, my family was up for the challenge as well.

And to know that I have the opportunity to explore, to learn, to embrace new experiences every day. To grow, to challenge myself and lean into this new life is amazing.

Took me awhile but breaking free of my rinse and repeat life is refreshing, unnerving, fun, scary, rewarding, lonely but just F..kng incredible.

And Corinna hands down has inspired me to reinvent myself, she may not even know this. But seeing her create her next chapter right in front of me over the years has been wildly inspirational. I am grateful for her friendship and never ending support of my dreams.

Thank you to my friends and family for all the love and support. Love having you by my side.

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