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Today was the first day I almost cried.

I was standing in the grocery store at 8am wearing the face mask my 13 year old daughter made for me out of tie dyed fabric. I walked straight to the aisle where I expected the toilet paper to be, the mask was already pulling on my ears. The shelves were empty except for the large boxes that the toilet paper had just a few minutes earlier occupied. 

Out of nowhere I was overcome with emotion. 

All of a sudden I was just tired of all of this. 

Everything on our calendar has been cancelled  or postponed, our kids are home-schooling till who knows when, the only time we leave the house is to to walk the dogs and now here I am yet again, in a grocery store that doesn’t have toilet paper.

My mini breakdown was short lived because I quickly put this all in perspective. 

If these are my biggest problems then I should consider myself pretty lucky.

So by the time I pulled into the driveway at home, I had a quick transformation back to my optimistic self. 

The self that reminds me of all the positives.

The positive mindset that has guided us over the years through so many ups and downs.

This unease that so many of us creative entrepreneurs are facing right now is real. 

A storm is happening to each and everyone of us. How destructive the storm is for each of us is yet to be determined.

But how we deal with with it will determine where our businesses are once this storm is behind us.

Are we going to commit to the hard work that needs to be done to survive? What can we do now to benefit our business and keep us moving forward?

Let’s think of all the pieces that make up our business. We need to be focusing on each and everyone of them right now. 

We need to grow our knowledge, learn from others who have weathered tough storms and keep our eyes open to how our creative industries are being affected and changed.

Now more than ever we need to understand the challenges, decide we are not quitting and keep moving the needle forward.

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