the prosperous photographer




We are Keith + Melissa. For the last 25 years we have been entrepreneurs, creatives, business owners.

Creating is fun. But running a successful business doing what you love can be challenging, rewarding and down right scary.

With firsthand experience, we understand these challenges. Do we ever. We have made every mistake you can imagine. We want to help you avoid these mistakes and be successful faster.

We aren’t promising you a get rich quick scheme. We aren’t a business coach that is going to drain thousands from you just when you don’t have it. But we are going to provide (free) step by step actions to create the roadmap for you to begin, grow and maintain your business.

Building a business with a solid foundation, setting long term goals and using a mindfulness approach to your business will lead to success, more confidence and the life you always wanted.

It all begins with believing that it is possible.

You know you can do this. Now let’s get started.