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One of the ways we love to show our gratitude (and spread a little marketing love) with our vendors and clients is by printing these high quality photo prints and sharing our favorite travel moments or gorgeous scenes. Over the years, we’ve made a habit of printing our favorite photos every year and gifting a set to the industry professionals and clients that we love to work with.

And fun having a few extras for us personally because I can send them out as birthday cards or taping them with washi tape to the front of a gift or a print package delivered to a client that makes a nice little surprise.

Most of our photos are trapped on our phones and we just don’t print enough…we don’t hold beautiful prints in our hands. We are missing the tangible and what I treasure most about Artifact Uprising is their approach to how important printing photos is.

One of their core principles is making sure that people print more. And I’m a huge believer in that. If you’re not already familiar with them take a look at their website. And you’ll see a lot of fun products that they have.

As photographers we all use labs we like which all have their own products but there is really something special about the quality printing, the way the papers feel. Which is why they make such a nice marketing piece. And you can do say a pack of 10 with 10 different images on a really beautiful stock. They offer only quality printed products and we absolutely love using them.

These photo prints are a simple marketing example. Imagine a wedding planner that you love to work with is presented with 10 of your favorite images from an event you did together or you send a custom card to a client with a photo from a recent session or you drop a stack off at your favorite floral designer.

Simple, yet effective marketing because it is memorable.

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