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Where to Next? That’s the question.

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A woman walks on the beach in Koufonisia, Greece

Why are we sitting here just a few weeks removed from a 40 day trip that took us from Phoenix to NYC – Providence – Boston – Lisbon – the Greek Islands – Athens – Copenhagen + Paris wondering when and where we will be heading to next. My answer is simple: we love to travel.  We just can’t help it. The kids, Keith and I all have the same thought process, what’s next?

The thoughts are swirling. A beach trip to Exhuma, Bahamas, seeing Glacier National Park before there are no more glaciers, Washington State, the coast of Oregon, Machu Picchu, trekking through Peru, back to the Greek Islands (no don’t want to repeat that fast, but one day!), exploring more of Denmark, add on Sweden and Norway, no wait, how about Iceland? Spring break in Iceland? We can’t wait that long. An adventure in Navajo country this weekend? A short trip to a California beach in October? A German Christmas Market in December? The swirling travel thoughts never stop. The list is long and everyone has their own ideas.

I suspect we all love to travel for different reasons. But I think at the heart of it we all love to dream. And there is just something about travel that is so dreamy. Deciding on a location, planning the trip, arranging the details, the anticipation, not knowing exactly what to expect, or knowing exactly what to expect all contribute to this sense of adventure, this feeling of freedom, it makes my heart race. It makes me giddy and excited. It makes me dream.

Where to next? I can’t wait till we decide!

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