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Montpellier, Sunday edition

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Montpellier is an incredible walking city. And there is something about early mornings and Sundays that make it even sweeter.

From our front door, we walk right into the Marche aux Fleurs in the heart of the Ecusson (the old part of Montpellier). Not much is happening on Sundays, but the local cafes in the square always have patrons, even on this quiet morning.

My destination was the local Brocante (flea market) just down the street. Last week it was raining, so I couldn’t bring my camera out. This week’s exploring was under gorgeous sunny skies. A bit of wind but an absolutely perfect day for perusing.

Every Sunday at the Esplanade du Peyrou in old town Montpellier there is this fabulous Flea Market. I’m looking forward to compiling my photos of each trip to this sweet spot: Les Dimanches du Peyrou. Can’t wait to see how as spring approaches these trees fill in and give this spot a whole new look.

The vendors and their assortment of antiques from records to mid century modern furniture to vintage Christofle silverware, the sounds of live performances by very talented musicians, food trucks, dogs running around – a festive and incredibly enjoyable way to spend a Sunday late morning.

Culture Trip has a great blog post about local flea markets near Montpellier.

Montpellier is free of Instagram madness, at least this time of year. But Paris not so much, check out this post I wrote a couple years ago about exactly this.

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