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What is an indulgent emotion?

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indulgent emotion

The most common indulgent emotions are anxiety, worry, confusion, and overwhelm. 

Sound familiar? Probably something you contend with on a daily basis whether you realize it or not. 

And most of us have these feelings because we think that the circumstances in our life caused them. 

I used to tell myself this one story all the time. I’m overwhelmed being a mom of two teenage daughters, a wife, running a busy photography business. There’s no time for me. How could I ever find time to go to the gym and lose this baby weight that I’ve had for 15+ years because I’m pulled in a million directions. I’m too busy, there’s no time. Stress ran through my veins.

I felt overwhelmed because of my thoughts. But once I took a step back and decided to schedule my time at the gym, prioritize my 3x a week workout I realized that I could still be ‘busy’ but find time to workout. 

Once I increased awareness of the way I was thinking I realized where this feeling of overwhelm came from. I had never paid attention to the way I was thinking never mind become so aware that I was able to make this lasting change in my life. 

And guess what? That gym date is permanently on my calendar every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9a. I am still a mom of two teenage daughters, a wife, running a busy photography business. I am still ‘busy’ but I committed myself to this and ended the bullshit of telling myself I had no time for the gym. 

I realized that this thought was optional. I could decide not to feel overwhelmed with no time for the gym. I was able to create change in my life and turn the overwhelm into something more positive. 

Changing my thoughts around this feeling allowed me to get rid of the excuse. 

All of our feelings come from our thoughts, which we get to choose.

It’s never too late to reset, believe me. I’ve done it a few times.

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