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Cefalu Beach, Sicily

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I must admit, the posts have become a bit scarce this past week. It has been a busy week of documenting all that lead up to the beautiful wedding that was photographed this past weekend in San Cataldo, Sicily. There is so much to share. So many great photos and memories. Italian beaches are a post all their own.

Yesterday, we went to the beautiful little town of Cefalu. I had heard so many great things about Cefalu and believe me, seeing it in person it was better than described. It is the quintessential antique little Sicilian village, perfectly placed right on the coast. History, charm, beauty. What more could you want? If you are planning a trip to Sicily, do not miss this place, in fact consider staying in this area for a few days!

Over the last three weeks, we have been to at least 6 or 7 different beaches. They each have their charm. Some have small rocks, some have large rocks and some have beautiful sand. We have experienced beaches with no waves, waves, wind, sand bars, beach clubs and crystal clear water. But what I have never experienced in my life is how crowded these beaches can be!

Wow, the Cefalu beach was jammed yesterday. I kid you not when I say we had to dodge and weave under and around these colorful umbrellas and the masses of people that dot the beach. We finally found a little sliver near the water to set up. People as far as the eye could see.

Ruze cactus cookie-24.jpgRuze cactus cookie-24.jpg

Things worth noting. There are vendors that walk around and sell everything. From cut up coconut to everything you need to enjoy the beach. I saw someone selling bikinis (really? who buys a bathing suit on the beach?), sarongs, floats, blow up toys, sunglasses, necklaces, bracelets, CDs (I can’t imagine he is selling many of these) and every single beach play toy you can think of – all carried by one guy! A walking store.

The girls next to us were applying their baby oil liberally (yikes, I haven’t done that since the 80’s – sun block is not embraced here at all). I was the only one, and I mean the only one – regardless of body type or age that had on a one piece bathing suit. Volleyball in the water. Music, dancing, snorkeling, laughter every where.

The beach was just spectacular. The water perfect. The kids enjoyed the waves and the ideal water temperature. As crowded as the beach was – it didn’t seem that way once you jumped into the water. Plenty of water to go around!

The perfect family beach.

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