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Ragusa Ibla, Sicily

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“Italy without Sicily leaves no image. Sicily is the key to everything.” Johann Wolfgang Goethe, “Trip to Sicily”

As beautiful as Modica is, it does have a rival. Yes, Ragusa Ibla is just incredible.

We drove from Modica to Ragusa Ibla along the windy country roads that connect the two. Hard to believe how people traveled between these towns (well cities really) back in the day. But what a surprise when you come around this hair pin turn and this amazing city emerges before your eyes, perched on the side of a hill – as far as the eye can see.

We made our way to the old town area. Found a parking spot and set out to explore. There is a special little park that overlooks the gorge and makes you realize just how high up you are. Beautiful baroque style buildings were all around. We walked to the Duomo and did the super touristy little train ride through the old streets. It was a good way to cover some ground quickly as we did not arrive in Ragusa Ibla till late in the day.

The Duomo was impressive. The gelato was enjoyed by the kids. Fortunately for us, we chose to visit Ragusa Ibla during it’s annual music competition, The Ibla Grand Prize. (our dumb luck!) We happened across and impromptu collaboration when a pianist started playing and a violinist joined in. Such beautiful music in such a setting. How lucky are we? Did I mention that I noticed out of the corner of my eye and old friend from NYC? The magic didn’t stop in this delightful little town.

Fact: Ragusa Ibla is the largest UNESCO World Heritage Site in the world. Just spectacular.

The last two shots are of us back in Modica. Walking into town for dinner we were passed by this group of small cars – probably an auto club of sorts. A few adorable little Fiat 500s from way back. Look how the kids are hugging the side of the wall as the cars pass. Honestly, when you are walking on these tiny little side streets it is impossible to imagine that a car might come along, never mind a caravan of cars. Still wondering how they fit!


PS I have had the camera out on this trip! Two photos in this series were taken by moi. One is obvious. Which is the other?

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