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My Childhood Dream of living in Paris

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How did I end up stepping off the train in Toulouse on this unseasonably warm November day with my ready to head off to college 18 year old daughter scouting this city as a potential university contender? 

Well, it all began with my childhood dream of living in Paris.

It was anything but a straight line to go from that dream to this reality. To ponder and recollect all the paths that had to intersect to get to this town on this particular day is incalculable. 

But here we were after almost 10 months of living in the south of France. Somehow I got my shit together. 

Manifesting may be an overused word but this move to Montpellier is exactly that. Putting something out there into the world – as a child’s dream or an adult’s wish and looking back at how it all unfolded. 

It wasn’t quick and it wasn’t always on the dream board. And for a long time there were so many reasons why it didn’t look like it could happen. The math really didn’t add up. I felt like I was trapped on a treadmill of work, pay bills, save nothing. 

And then it all changed. 

The epiphany. 

I realized that it was my relationship with money that was preventing me from an easier life. I learned was that living the life I wanted began once I was able to be honest with myself. 

What is standing in your way of having everything you want? Could it be you?

Because I know it was me. 

Being in Toulouse, on this journey spending my time being present and having adventures.

It is time to feel fulfilled with my this next chapter in my life. I want to find that overlap between my travel bug, my love of France, my writing and me being a flaneur – and walking around great places and documenting them with my trusty little camera. Stay tuned for my adventures in this (undiscovered) South of France. 

All made possible because of the decision to change my thoughts and be honest with myself.

What is your biggest reinvention?

and if you find yourself in the south of France, visit Toulouse!!!!

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