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3 Killer Tricks to find your Dream, Passion or Purpose

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3 tricks to find your dream, passion or purpose

How do you get started when you may not even be sure what your dream, passion or purpose is?

I recommend you start by taking a few moments for yourself every single day to ‘free write’. Could be the morning, a lunch hour or evening before you go to bed. Wherever you can carve out at least 15 minutes of uninterrupted alone time. 

There are a few ways that I do this and I find all of them helpful in pulling ideas, sparking thoughts or remembering things long forgotten in the far reaches of my brain. 

1. Journaling. 

I first start my journal entry with a thought of gratitude. It could be for the weather, for a promotion, for your mom feeling better, for having a loving family. Something that you are grateful for, write it down.

A great way to get started with a journal prompt is to ask yourself a question. For example: ‘When I was young I used to daydream about ____. And then just start writing. Don’t worry about what you are writing, just write. You will be amazed at what pours out.

This exercise will be fruitful as you explore where you are – and where you want to go.

My daughter buys me a dingbats journal every year for Christmas and I keep it in my bag. You just never know when you will feel inspired to write something down.

2. Morning Pages.

Grab a notebook and just start writing whatever comes to mind. No prompts. I have done this for years and I’m always amazed at what comes out of me on that paper. What lies just beneath the surface in my mind, things that I’m not even aware of. 

Tip: I keep a post it note next to my notebook because mundane thoughts will pop up as well. ‘Pick up Dog food after work’ is not earth shattering, but needs to be noted, so as these inconsequential thoughts come up, I just add them to the list so they don’t distract my free writing and the real stuff going on in my head. 

This is where the good stuff happens. These pages are where you see into your soul. Pay attention because these golden nuggets that will start leading you down the path of where your heart wants you to go.

3. A Thought Download.

This exercise can be eye opening. A real look into our thoughts, their patterns and any mental loops that we have. Decide what you are going to to do a thought download on – every thought you are currently having at that moment or maybe you want to write down what comes up for you when you think about the specific topic of ‘following your dreams’. Fill a page with everything that pops up. I always find I can’t keep up with how fast my thoughts fling themselves at me. 

My recommendation is to do one of these 3 exercises daily for 30 days straight. You will be amazed at what you find out about yourself. Without a doubt you fill find more clarity and direction as you begin to pursue your purpose.

I credit morning pages with getting me started on my life changing journey. Everyday I would wake up and write for a minimum of 15 minutes and sometimes an hour. I would set my alarm clock to get me up before anyone else in the house, grab a cup of coffee and get writing. No interruptions. Just me, my pen and my cheap little notebook. 

I uncovered so much in my daily writing. Through this free writing I wrote enough about money struggles and the sources and this honesty prompted me to formulate a plan to become debt free. Because when I was examining everything happening in my life, if I kept this debt ball + chain with me forever, then I could never grow. I was on the spend / debt / work treadmill and there was no end in sight unless I took drastic action. 

Curious how much longer it would have taken for me to come to this realization and take action without the writing. So began my soul searching quest that helped me see my path to live my dream. The action of paying off the debt, triggered me to discover more about my money story, which evolved my spending patterns and thoughts about money. Finally realizing that everything was possible. 

Instead of say ‘I can’t do this’ because I’m broke – I started seeing possibilities for more life that I never thought were possible. 

It all started by taking pen to paper.

Sometimes it is uncomfortable because you have to look yourself in the mirror and be honest. 

But to get somewhere you have to start. My first goal (or step towards my dream) was to become debt free. Then I started making the strides towards what was on my dream board. Then the move to France was manifested. The compass kept pointing in the direction I wanted my life to be going. It is mind blowing how things start lining up once you make a determined decision.

You have planted the seeds now you are watering them until they grow into that big beautiful dream. 

Here we are several years later and my passion to help other women find their path has been ignited. 

All 3 of these writing options played a role and continue in my evolution. 

  1. The journal is where I find comfort + celebrate gratitude
  2. The morning pages is where my subconscious finds it’s way out
  3. The thought downloads continue to show me what thought patterns are circling around in my brain. And how recognizing and redirecting these thoughts can be life changing. 

Grab a pen and some paper, it will change your life. 


I keep a regular journal and add in a little gratitude. But another option is a gratitude journal.

Where did morning pages originate?

A little more about doing a Thought Download

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