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Becoming debt free: taking that first step 

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How do you get from wanting to be debt free to taking that first step?

Wanting something is one thing, but doing it is a whole other. Making that choice and sticking to it is the hardest thing you have to do.

I remember ignoring my financial truth for years. I didn’t want to know real numbers because if I did then I would have to face the reality. There was this feeling inside me that if I ignored it then it would just go away.

But instead, my money situation just kept getting worse. The interest kept piling up on those credit card balances. Just making my monthly payments did almost nothing to pay down the balance.

Which made me feel dejected and awful, and propelled me to spend more – even though I knew I shouldn’t. I had this ‘what the F’ attitude thinking that I was already in this deep so what’s a little more going to do?

This cycle continued for years until I realized it was unsustainable. It was depressing, I would need to work forever just to pay what I already owed never mind saving and thinking about putting money in the bank for the future.

I wanted to be financially secure with no worries about money but I also didn’t want to rip the bandaid off and deal with the facts.

When I look back I can remember the anxiety and the sleepless nights. Using the last cash (because I had no credit left) one year to buy a $45 Christmas tree. This made me feel worthless and dejected.

I was crushed. I knew I was driving my financial life (and my family’s) right off the cliff and I accelerated the gas and kept going.

Because at that moment stopping and doing something about it would mean I would have to admit what a failure I was. A loser that couldn’t give a decent Christmas to her kids. So it was easier on me emotionally (imagine that!) to not stop, To keep spending and change nothing.

Until that day when I went from wanting to stop overspending and getting out of debt to actually taking that first step.

Are you there now? Are you ready?

What’s standing in the way of you changing your money story?

Decide once and for all that you want to stop worrying about money. Take that step.

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