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Weekly Exercise: Daily Thought Download

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The Daily Thought Download. A very powerful tool to get into your head and notice (and begin to change) your thoughts.

I learned so much about myself in my journey to become a Life Coach. One of the most important things was understanding that I do not have to change anything externally to be happy. I need to find that within me. 

There is no amount of fame or fortune that can make a person happy. You need to change from the inside. To have a life filled with purpose, you need to think thoughts that are purposeful.

When I was able to wrap my head around the fact that my purpose is who I am, who I am being. Not the house I live in, the car I drive, the bag I carry, the trips I take. 

And I can live a life with purpose anytime, in spite of any circumstances I believe are holding me back. What I tell myself about my life determines my future. 

Once I decided that I wanted to live my life with purpose in France, I had to do a lot of work on what that meant. Simply changing countries does not change who you are, what’s going on inside. 

I had a lot of thoughts about all sorts of things. But it was really important for me to work on the old stories that I would tell myself about what I was capable of. To find that strength, that courage, that happiness before I took this big step.

I am the same person in the mirror regardless of what job I have, where I live or what I do. So taking the time to become in alignment with my life, with my purpose was central to the success of this dream.

A great way to start on this journey is with a daily thought download.

Fill a page with every single thought that is in your brain and put it down on paper, get it out there. This practice of emptying out the contents of your mind will allow you to examine thoughts and the feelings they are creating. 

Taking the time to examine these thoughts will show you how they are affecting you and your life. What your current story is about you. 

A personal example. When I was early on in becoming a certified Life Coach, I had so many doubts. When I would start my daily thought download it was full of negative thoughts about me and what I was capable of. ‘I’m not as good as the other 9 women in my group’, ‘who do I think I am to try this at 51?’ ‘I’ll never finish.’ ‘I can’t be this forthcoming in front of a group, I’m afraid of being judged’. ‘what can I possibly offer anyone?’ ‘I’m too busy.’ ‘how will this fit into my already ridiculously busy schedule?’ ‘I don’t want to dig deep and learn about myself, I’m afraid of what I’m going to find out.’

Argh…I was horrible to myself. I beat myself up like crazy. But as the weeks and months passed, my thought downloads became more kind and understanding. I was doing this. I was capable. And I was learning a hell of a lot about myself that I had ignored, kept buried or never took the time to inquire.

This daily process was eye popping. I was able to move from a scared, 51 year old thinking she had no right, no business to think she could become a life coach to a much more confident, content, self reflective 52 year old that felt she could conquer just about anything life threw at me. Gratitude for myself and an understanding that is so clear and honest. I see my future as an endless journey filled with purpose, living the best life I can.

As you continue to do these daily thought downloads you will start to write a different story. I can promise you that! Just get started…..

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