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Earth Cafe, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

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So many food options - Coffee, Smoothies, Bowls, Handmade Treats, Vegan, Vegetarian FriendlyGuide to Santa Teresa

So many food options

Coffee, Smoothies, Bowls, Handmade Treats, Vegan, Vegetarian Friendly

Guide to Santa Teresa

The food scene here in Santa Teresa is better than I would have expected – even though I sort of expected.

Our first morning we were up at a reasonable time (I think I was asleep by 8:30p) and ready to venture out. A good cup of coffee is always first on the agenda for Keith and I.

We turned left out of our Airbnb onto the dusty Main Street. It was pretty quiet, maybe a scooter or two but barely anyone out and about.

One of the first spots we came across was Earth Cafe, it looked so chic from the outside. Sadly it did not open till 8am and it was only 7:30am so we opted to take a morning walk on the beach to kill some time till it opened. What a sweet surprise when we came back a bit after 8 and walked into this relaxing little spot.

There was one other couple sitting on the bar stools adjacent to the counter. They had their laptops out and were taking advantage of the excellent WIFI. We had a hard time deciding what to order….so many options from Smoothie Bowls, Burritos, Bowls, Toasts, Fresh Juice, handmade breakfast treats….the fresh fruit displayed, the ladies in the kitchen making everything to order. And of course, what we really came for, coffee. Lots and lots of great coffee and fresh juice options.

While we sat down to wait for our food, the tall glass doors swung open and in came a very attractive blond (since I had looked at their Instagram feed prior I got the distinct impression this woman is most likely the owner) with two friendly dogs trailing behind her. The pups saunter in like they own the place, and as I’ve already established, I guess they sort of do! They run behind the counter, come back out and greet all the customers, then plop down on the floor, so comfortable.

The food was so fresh and so damn good. I can say the same about the coffee as well. We loved everything about this place. (might be the best Acai Smoothie Bowl I’ve ever had!)

Make Earth Cafe a must stop on your trip to Santa Teresa.

Location: Main Drag Santa Teresa (across from the soccer field, near Super Ronny)

Hours: 8am-5pm

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