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Life in Sicily through the eyes of an Isolana

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Ciao e Benvenutti!  It is my pleasure today to introduce you to a unique and charming island nestled between the Mediterranean, Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas.  A place where few Americans have traveled. And yet, it has been a destination holiday spot for many VIPs and Europeans for decades.  A place where crystal blue tranquil waters meet white sandy beaches.  A place where language, food, architecture and history meld at the intersection of more than 10 cultures.  A place where people are so passionate they need their hands to emphasize their words. Those of us that call it home have had its heart, soul, respect and pride instilled in us since before we were born. Sicilia!!! A must see and add to your bucket list.

When people say they are going to Italy for vacation, it usually includes a destination within the parameters of “The Boot.” Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, Amalfi Coast, Calabria and all the ancient towns, villages and cities in between.  But very rarely do they mention Sicily (the rock at the toe of the boot). More than likely you’ve heard “ isn’t that the place where ALL the Mafia live?” Maybe it was the famous film “The Godfather” that put Sicily on the map. Or, perhaps the recent visit from POTUS during the G7 Summit.

Honestly Faget-aboud-all-thadt, I want to give you the inside scoop of all the must see places on and off the beaten path.  Let’s go where the Sicilians go to eat, drink, play and stay. We’ll get up close and personal with “La Vita Bella.” There is NO WAY to give Sicily justice in only one post, so come back and visit us as I highlight the reasons you need to join us on our next virtual visit to Sicily!

You see, I’m not the “tourist” that went to Sicily once or even a few times because I love it so. I am The Sicilian, first generation born to an immigrant.  My love for the Island began June 1971, when I was just a year old.  I was on my first family trip to San Cataldo for my Zio’s wedding. That is when I literally took my first step, I learned to walk on a land that I would return to take many more steps through. I have spent countless summers exploring mountain tops, countrysides and coastal villages. I have eaten and drank my way through and in between…mostly eaten though! It is because my family and friends have introduced me to so many unique and beautiful experiences over the years that I am able to share my travels with you in an intimate way. I have been told personal stories of the land and the history of the Island countless times and I look forward giving you a glimpse of what life is like in Sicily through the eyes of the Isolana.

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