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The French Farmer’s Market

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french farmers market

I have come a long way in the past year+ understanding the ebb and flow of the farmer’s market offerings. What gorgeous produce comes and goes. What is in season, even more importantly – what is not in season.

I have also noticed that the French take pride at their market stalls in letting you know not only is the produce French, but exactly where that produce came from. What town the farm is from. How close it is to the city. There are handwritten signs and mini French flags to let you know.

And if something is not from the region, believe me you will know. Maybe this is an unwritten rule of the daily market. They do not hide any important details like this. They can’t. The French may not show enthusiasm about all sorts of things but they do show it with pride of produce. 

🍋🍒Transparency in produce – I love it. 

I say every week that I’m going with a recipe in mind. Instead I just blindly shop for whatever looks good – and what I know tastes good.

My bags are overflowing with olive tapenade, maybe a garlic spread, a variety of olives, fresh bread of course, non-offensive cheese that everyone in the house enjoys, courgettes, lots of courgettes in all shapes and sizes. 

And my favorite two vendors. The small mom and pop that sell quiche that they make onsite, So thin, the crust so perfect. Seasonal flavors that I can’t resist. A little bonjour – and she knows I want ‘le coin’, I want the corner of any quiche that I order. The rectangle quiche (not round), thin and oh so delicious.

Second stop. The man who sells homemade food – some made right in front of you – like the overflowing paella that looks out of this world. But me, my go to dishes are his (or his mom’s, I still don’t know who makes this deliciousness but I need to ask) Gratin dauphinois, thinly sliced potatoes baked slowly in just the right cream, topped with cheese that is cooked to crispy perfection. And his baked Aubergine, eggplant (not parmesan) layered in the best, I mean best red sauce I have ever tasted. (and I don’t even like red sauce). 

There you have it. I am not an official Frenchie 🇫🇷 yet but I’m working on it.

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