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Do you wish you made more money?

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My mission is to help you create a business and life that you want: profitable, inspired and on your terms.  Give yourself permission to have the business you truly want. 


Do you wish you made more money in your photography business?

I know most of us would like to earn more, work less and have a life they enjoy waking up to everyday.

➡️ What is the first step?

Start by defining the outcome you would like – clarify the vision you have for your business. It’s easy to grind day in and day out with no specific goal or outcome in mind. Days run into weeks, then months, then years, taking all the photography jobs / opportunities that come your way but having no real idea of what the big picture is.

➡️ What are you doing this for?

For me, several years ago I knew that our photography business needed to generate enough money to pay our bills, save for college and retirement and pay for an annual one month sabbatical with the kids. That’s what the outcome was, very vague, non specific. I’ll call it ‘just getting by’ because it was like a hamster wheel of jobs, bills, savings. It wasn’t until I wanted a bigger outcome – that everything within the business (and me) started to evolve.

Moving to France, right at the top of the dream board became that outcome we wanted. That goal lit a fire, gave us a purpose that we never had before.

➡️ What is your goal or desired outcome?

☀️You want your photography business to generate consistent income [insert your specific number]

💫You want to leave your 9-5 job and take your photography business to the next level but you need to generate a certain amount of money each year [insert what that amount is]

⭐️You’re tired of treating your full time business like a side hustle and you want to start earning real money [what number is that for you?]

🌞You want to pay off your debt or save for something specific [how much profit do you need from your photography business to achieve this / and in what time frame?]

✨You want to start charging the ‘right’ amount [what is that number for you?]

What is at the root of all of these desired outcomes? Numbers.

A successful business is all about simple math equations.

To make more money in your business start by listing the outcome you would like and knowing the numbers that can make it happen. [more on this tomorrow]

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