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Where to Stay in Ubud?

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Gabby and I swimming at our perfect villa in Ubud.Gabby and I swimming at our perfect villa in Ubud.

Gabby and I swimming at our perfect villa in Ubud.

Long before we had even planned on traveling to Bali this summer, I had read a post on the blog Hither & Thither about her trip to Ubud and I remembered the villa that they stayed in. It’s funny the things that you remember. I may have read that post 2 years ago, but I had made a mental note about where I wanted our family to stay if and when we ever made it to Bali.

When Keith decided he wanted to participate in the Foundry Photojournalism Workshop this July and he mentioned to me that it was in Ubud, my memory of the villa came right back. I couldn’t remember the name so I was not able do a google search, but I went right back to her post about her travels in Bali, a click here and a click there and I was sending a message to reserve the villa. (the power of the internet!)

Our villa, Summer Moon – was located in a small compound called Desa Bulan. Located down a tiny group of lanes in the quaint village of Lodtundah (a short taxi ride from Ubud, depending on the traffic) surrounded on both sides by gorgeous rice paddies.

We were not disappointed when we arrived. The villa was just lovely. Complete open air living. Views in both directions. Beautiful modern simplicity. 

We knew that only one bedroom had air conditioning. Our villa intro letter let us know that the homes were all designed in traditional open air Balinese style and the need for an AC was unnecessary. I only half believed this. It wasn’t until we actually arrived and felt the lovely cross breeze – cool air circulating effortlessly through the house that I bought in 100%. When we went to sleep the first night, I was pleasantly surprised (with our mosquito netting around us – also not really necessary this time of year) that I actually needed the comforter.


The house, while all walls are connected and the roof rests on top of the walls, was in essence open to the the elements. This space between the top of the walls and the handcrafted bamboo and thatch (for lack of a correct term!) roof was in fact not connected. Adorable little geckos, making their cute little noises ran up and down the walls, a few lizards made their home in our bathroom (just a gorgeous spot!) as well as a few mini frogs, that just stayed put and looked at us while we took our showers. It was actually a very pleasant experience. The kids really seemed to enjoy seeing the friendly little geckos running around and having their home for the week (or so) smack dab in the middle of nature.


The views on both sides to the ride fields were breathtaking. Ducks quacking as they were herded, coconuts falling from the trees, local workers tending to their plots all set a scene too good to be true. Yet it was. An idyllic location. To say that everyone relaxed immediately was an understatement. The kids took to the little daybeds for reading, relaxing away the morning. Swimming later in the day. Touring in between. 

Breakfast was made every morning between 8 and 9. We are vegetarians, but there is plenty to choose from if you enjoy eggs and meat. We opted for delicious banana pancakes (more like crepes) with fresh bread toast and homemade jams and of course espresso coffee. Just delicious.

The entire staff at Desa Bulan could not have been any more welcoming and helpful. Balinese friendliness was the highlight of our entire trip. Everyone always smiling. The ladies who made breakfast each morning were a delight. The caretaker, Nik, couldn’t have been more helpful. Offering tips and advice, recommending restaurants, arranging for taxis and just helping in any way we needed. And genuinely enjoying our never ending stream of questions!

If you find yourself in need of a beautiful place to stay in the Ubud area, look no further than Desa Bulan!

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