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The Marais, Paris

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A short walk around The Marais in Paris and there is no shortage of street scenes to photograph. We were walking from our apartment to MUSÉE CARNAVALET – a museum of the history of Paris located just off of Rue des Francs Bourgeois (a great shopping street in the Marais) in Paris’ 3rd Arrondissement. Right before we arrived at the museum we saw this little park sandwiched in between a few buildings.

The best thing in the world about taking walks around Paris is finding these little gems. Square Georges Cain is filled with colorful long stem roses (being hand pruned by a gardner), park benches full of Parisians taking a respite from the busy city around them, a gorgeous bronze sculpture, a fountain, stone relics, trees – the perfect little spot to stop along the way.

I just love The Marais. Crooked streets, lavish squares, old world charm meets great little boutiques and cafes, pre revolutionary buildings bustling with an artistic vibe. Spending time walking around these streets gives you a feel for Paris before Haussmann, before wide avenues and the large squares that Paris is now known for.

An historic area within an historic city. From the beauty of Place des Vosges to the vibrant art scene, a coup d’oeil for the senses. And lots of great photographs along the way.

{Square Geroges Cain, Rue Payenne, 3rd Arrondissement (Metro stop: St Paul)}

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