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going back to school at 45

Going back to college at 45 – would you do it? Well 4 years ago I did.

I decided it was time to embrace the technical side of photography and wanted to learn in a classroom.

So back to school I went.

Was I the oldest one in the class. Yes!

Did I feel ridiculous carrying around a student ID? Yes!

Was I proud of myself? Heck ya!

Drawing that line in the sand and deciding that I wanted to take this next step was big.

And believe me I regret nothing about it.

I just love Facebook memories, they bring you right back – good or bad.

Today this memory popped up and it really made me think about how far I’ve come in the last 5 years.

Figuring out what I wanted to be doing, what my passion was – has been a long road.

15+ years ago when I left a very lucrative corporate job was the first step.

But the revelation did not come quickly.

Having two children (at 35 + 38) left me in a place somewhere between wanting to be a stay at home mom and wanting to do something that not only made me happy but made me feel empowered.

The struggle of trying to find my WHY has ultimately led to where I am now.

Perfectly happy.

Go ahead, take the chance and reinvent yourself, you will not regret it!

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