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What are your core beliefs?

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understanding your core beliefs and how that affects your relationship with money

What are your core beliefs? [and how understanding them can change your money life]

To be honest, most of my life I had no idea I even had core beliefs. 

I just thought I believed what I believed. It never occurred to me how these core beliefs that I carried around with me since childhood were affecting my relationship with all sorts of things, including money.

Our childhood, how we were raised, what our experiences were – all combine to form this core set of beliefs. We use these beliefs to interpret the world around us. We also use them to convince ourselves certain ‘truths’. 

For me when it came to money I believed that having money was for other people. I was taught that good, hard working people just needed enough to get by. Work hard, pay the bills, buy a house, retire with a small pension. Nothing more. 

No one every spoke of investing or told me that I could make a million dollars if I wanted to. In the blue collar world I grew up in that was looked down upon. Greedy people had money. It was garish to show wealth. 

Couple that with seeing my mom work her ass off and live pay check to pay check. Further reinforced that if you work hard, you just get by. That’s it. 

Enter self worth. My belief about myself that I wasn’t good enough, I can’t do anything right, I continued to punish myself financially. I would have money, then I would shed it. Clearly because I had a belief that I didn’t deserve it. That I wasn’t worthy.  This belief is the core of my rollercoaster existence with money. And one I had to shed.

Once I became aware of these thoughts I slowly realized that I could understand why these patterns existed in my life. 

Which after a lot of self exploration allowed me to understand that I could change these core beliefs to something that served me and my life better. 

I’m not oversimplifying this, trust me. It took some work. And I’m still not 100% there yet as I continue to learn more about me and my thoughts and beliefs and how they affect my life. 

Looking at our thoughts, really examining them, how we interpret them, what we make them mean, opens the door to change. Positive change. 

Once I started on this journey to recognize and understand my beliefs around money, things started to change for the better. 

Fast forward and I can now accept that I don’t have to struggle, I am worthy of having financial security, a healthy retirement savings, investing in my future, living life on my terms and not just working hard and being nice. 

I can have anything I want because I deserve it. Building wealth, money security and financial independence isn’t reserved for other people, it can be me. And now it is me.

Many people aren’t even aware of their thoughts and how much they affect their outcomes. 

Really start paying attention to what you say and think. 

Try this short exercise to help you recognize what your core beliefs are.

What patterns do you see in your negative thinking?

Journal or write down a few of the things you consciously or subconsciously tell yourself. (I will never have money. Money is for other people. I don’t deserve to be happy. I’m not smart enough.)

What contributed to you having these thoughts?

What if you challenge these thoughts that are not serving you? How could your outcomes be different? 

Take the thoughts one by one and and try and think of moments when you have these thoughts. What feeling is attached to them? 

Write down your top 3 Core Beliefs and/or thoughts you believe may be keeping you from your money goals.

Once you uncover these core beliefs you can start to rewire your thought patterns. 

It isn’t as simple as flipping a switch but recognition is the first step. 

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