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Change the Results in your Life

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Is it possible that changing the results in our life is as easy as changing our thoughts?

Look at it from this perspective, if you keep thinking the same old negative, beating yourself up thoughts do you really believe that you can expect different results?

How to change the results in your life:

To have a different outcome in your life then you have to come up with new thoughts that are in line with your objective.

A few years back, I knew I wanted to become a photographer. My dad, Keith, others kept telling me I had a great eye. But I was so afraid of the technical side of learning about photography that I decided I couldn’t do it.

I would get angry at Keith when he wanted to help me learn. The anger directed at him was the feeling I was having about the thought that ‘I’m not good enough to become a photographer, it is too complicated and I’m never going to learn all of this, I will be a failure at this.’

So the result year after year was that I wanted this really badly, but I was too afraid to take the chance. Because I might fail.

And then the light dawned. I saw other women doing this at my age. Why couldn’t I? My thought shifted, not even consciously. But it shifted enough that I was able to believe that if I went back to college to learn photography, then it might be a possibility that I could become a photographer.

After my first couple of peer critiques in class, I honestly started believing that I actually did have some talent. I started having thoughts that I had never let myself even dream up before. I never thought it was possible that someone would pay me for my work, that I would be considered a good photographer.

Challenging myself like this created a new way of thinking. I had created this path for me by changing the way I thought, creating an opportunity to succeed.

This all started by changing my thoughts and wanting something different in my life.

Take a look at my unintentional v my intentional model. When I decided I really wanted to be a photographer, my T went from being ‘If I attempt to be a photographer I will fail’ to my new T, ‘Other women go back to school to learn photography, so can I’.

Years of not becoming a photographer because I was afraid resulted in me becoming a photographer that started making money as a pro. Woo hoo!!!!!

New results require new thoughts.

Want a helpful exercise to get you to start learning about your thoughts???

One of my favorite inspirational thought leaders……

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