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Making hard decisions is hard

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How much of life are you missing out on because you are afraid?

I’m not asking this question to make you feel bad or beat yourself up, I’m asking it so that you think about it for a minute and imagine yourself on the other side of that fear.

Is there something that you really want to do that you are putting off? But you are frozen, unable to take action because the fear is so great?

Making hard decisions is exactly that. Hard. Difficult. Scary. Unknown. 

But what if you accepted as truth that you are capable way beyond your current beliefs??

That if you took that leap, jump at that chance, chase that dream, that you might come out ok.

Better than ok because you will have challenged yourself. Maybe you trip and fall, make a few mistakes, fail a little bit. But how satisfying will it be when you shift your beliefs and meet your fears head on and conquer them.

Remind yourself that that’s the worst that can happen! 

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