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Weekly Exercise: What do you Believe About You?

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Before we can make big change in our life we need to understand how our brain works.

Learning how to understand what is going on in your mind and how that affects you is paramount to creating the results we want. This exercise on thought work will do just that.

Just like your house, your mind needs to be cleaned. Getting all these thoughts out there it all out there so you can see what’s going on. I have mentioned doing a daily thought download in a previous blog post. Thought downloads are a great tool to help you reveal problems to yourself, to get it out of your head, onto paper. When you see it written in front of you, it takes on a more honest, real form. Something you can more readily contend with.

But working on this week’s exercise: What do you Believe About You? is a little bit different. In this worksheet, we have four questions that prompt you to dig in deep and focus the thought download.

The goal of this worksheet is not to make you feel bad or beat yourself up but rather create a conversation within you. An series of observations that will lead you to discover how these thoughts, these answers to these questions are the cause of your feelings not your circumstance or situation.

We think it is the fact of our circumstance that cause our thoughts but it is really the thoughts about the facts that create our feelings.

This worksheet is designed to provoke thought and introspection on you and your brain. Doing this thought work, you are guaranteed to learn a lot about your beliefs and what outcomes they are creating.

Let’s get writing.

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