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Am I having a midlife crisis?

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Am I having a midlife crisis?

Usually when I hear this expression I think of men in their 50’s, recently divorced, driving a red corvette with much younger arm candy in the passenger seat. 

The more I talk with women over 50 I realize that we have our own version of a midlife crisis even if we don’t always call it that! 

My new phrase for this time in my life is my ‘midlife opportunity’. 

There’s no doubt that there have been some physiological changes since 50, since menopause. But the emotional evolution has been notable.

A quest for self discovery, for living into life, evaluating my thoughts and beliefs, this zest to reinvent myself – has undoubtedly been more present in recent years. 

What this means is different for everyone. I see this manifesting in my friends that are over 50 in a variety of ways. This is nothing negative, in fact I find it wildly positive that for some of us, we finally get to put our head above the water and ask ourselves, what’s next? 

This midlife opportunity is a time where we can focus a little (hopefully a lot) more on ourselves. 

We get to question life to this point. A chance to be introspective and take stock of where we are and where we are headed. Accepting we are at the center of our own happiness. That we get to decide on a different direction. We get to explore more closely our dreams and create new, evolved outcomes for ourselves. 

I want to use this self revelation period as an opportunity to reinvent myself. Uncover who I really am and what I really want for this next chapter. Uncover what my life’s purpose is. 

I know where I’m starting right now, but it is just the beginning of where am I going. 

Cheers to this midlife crisis!

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