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Why a money action plan is important

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Are you really in control of your finances?

Plain and simple: do you know what the hell is going on with your money? Or do you avoid your personal finances because of fear or avoidance?

To give you a little insight, let’s start by asking yourself these few questions.

  1. Do you know how much you bring in every month and how much you spend?
  2. How much money do you have in the bank?
  3. Do you save? If yes, how much. If not, why not?
  4. Are you investing for retirement?
  5. How much debt do you have?

These simple questions can give you some clarity as to whether you are in control of your money or if your money controls you.

The easiest way for you to choose how you want to spend the rest of your life – is having this understanding around your money.

Creating your money action plan is an opportunity to be armed with this knowledge and it can lead you to living the life of your dreams faster and on your own terms. Choosing your lifestyle as opposed to reacting to your life.

Having a financial action plan is the surest way to give yourself the opportunity to create and live your life as you want.

– Melissa

I know some of you are saying to yourselves things like:

  • I don’t make enough money to save anything
  • Big dreams like this are for other people
  • I live paycheck to paycheck, I’ll never get out of debt
  • I’ll figure it out as I get closer to retirement
  • I’m scared of money

But what if you downloaded this worksheet and answered those questions I posed above? What if today was the first day of your new financial reality? What if you faced this head on and started wrapping our head around eliminating debt in your life, paying closer attention to retirement and understanding where you stand financially.

It may seem scary now but I promise you – after you answer the questions and see the reality you will then have the knowledge you need to dive in and create a different outcome for yourself.

For years I ignored my financial health. I made decent money, owned a house, was quasi saving for my kids 529 and our retirement. But only half ass. I was reluctant to hire a financial planner because I felt inferior and a little bit ashamed that I wasn’t doing everything ‘the way everyone else was’. I never asked questions and thought that I could handle all of this on my own. I had no plan.

And then I somehow came to my senses and started on the road to financial independence. It was an awakening. Honestly, a game changer. Now I get to choose what I do and how I spend my time rather than live the old money story that had been preventing me from living my best life.

Having a solid financial foundation and plan will give you so many options and opportunities. Trust me. It takes some courage, but once you start seeing tangible results you’ll never look back.

The hardest part is getting started. Jump in and start seeing results.

Looking for a few books to get you started on your financial journey, check out David Bach. 

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