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Having a have / have not relationship with money

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Living the life you want means different things to different people. Being able to make the choices you want gets a lot easier when you have a firm grasp on your finances.

This has been a struggle for me since childhood.

Since I can remember I have had a have / have not relationship with money. I love having it but I always manage to chase it away. 

Until now of course. But it took a long time to get here. A lifetime of big highs and big lows. 

I’ll never forget the time I bounced a check for a pack of cigarettes in college. I think the pack cost maybe $1.25 and I didn’t have it in cash so I wrote a check. And the check didn’t clear. I didn’t have enough to cover this tiny amount. My god. 

That pack of smokes cost me $16.25. 

I wish that was the only story I could tell like this. But I could fill a notebook with all these ridiculous tales.

My senior year in college, I was working full time. Sure I had to pay rent and my living expenses but I had never had a budget and never seemed to have enough. I would pay for dinners on my Amex card and have my friends give me cash for their share. That would hold me over till my pay day. I bet you will not find this money trick in any financial gurus best selling book. 

For a college student, I had a really good job. At that time I was making $25/hour typing my heart out for a Boston hospital. The best class I ever took in high school was typing, that skill has saved my financial life more than once. 

But who can’t live on $25 an hour when they are 20, still in school and eat rice and beans all the time but bounce a check of $1.25?

So the story of my financial life goes. Was it a conscious decision to not live within my means? Or was it a self worth issue? Clearly I had never heard of abundance. I thrived when I bottomed out. 

What was I doing with the money I made?

Money training, never heard of it. Learning how to manage my money? Not yet. Track your money. Have a budget? Hell no.

Welcome to the beginning of my financial life. It’s a rollercoaster so buckle up and pay attention because I don’t want this to be you at any age! 

It took me a really long time to realize that self worth was right on par with my net worth. 

Why living debt free is the best financial decision you can make if you want to live the life you want.

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