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5 things that helped us reach six figures in our photography business

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5 things that helped us reach 6 figures in our photography business:

1. Find Consistency.
2. Master your Selling.
3. Don’t look at what every other photographer is doing!
4. Get Smarter.
5. Stay Committed.

Years ago I remember thinking how elusive it would be to hit 6 figures – and hit that number consistently – I couldn’t even imagine it. I remember the decisive moment, it was about 13 years ago, and it was Christmastime – we had to scrape together about $50 to buy a Christmas Tree in cash. We couldn’t use a card. We were waiting on a few clients to pay us – and we had no disposable income. It was an awful feeling to have 2 kids and be living job to job or paycheck to paycheck. That’s when the light went off, no more. Never again. I was going to crack this – and never have to live like this again.

Fast forward and we hit six figures and then hit six figures with multiple businesses. 

To get to this point I had to dive in deep – I had to do the work – so immersed myself in everything photography. At that time I remember that there was another photographer that we knew – and we had seen her hit her low and then see her rise, rebuild her business and create an environment for photographers to learn. She inspired me in so many ways. We didn’t just know of her, Keith had second shot with her and she had second shot a wedding wth him. So we knew her story well. So to see what was possible was an eye opener for me. 

So I dove in. I read everything I could. I immersed myself in everything photography – and business. Most importantly business. I took what I had used in my previous career and applied to our business. I read blogs, magazines and studied other photography businesses as well as how other businesses were successful.

I think until that point we may have been lost in our own story. We were both kids that had single moms that worked hard and everything was tough. Money was never easy. That money story carried with us – and it still does if we don’t pay attention to it. 

I want to give you as many shortcuts as possible. I want you to get to six figures faster than we did. ANd easier!

1. Find Consistency.

It is amazing what a little momentum will do. When jobs come in sporadically it can be hard to find this momentum. What made this easier was understanding that we needed to have an ideal client that market directly to this person. We needed to get in front of as many of these ideal clients as possible. Our website, word of mouth, networking – get in front of as many people as possible – booking consistently – builds momentum. Now of course social media can help as well but back then, it wasn’t a viable option. This consistency allows you to practice – practice your sales techniques, how you handle your sessions, post session, you get to show these clients what makes you uniquely you. Trust me, consistency will be a game changer for your business.

I know how tough it is starting out, but once you start booking a few clients you will see the effect the momentum has on your overall success.

And if you aren’t booking clients, you need to ask yourself some tough questions – why? What are you not communicating well – your website, your emails, your phone calls – where is the messaging breaking down?

2. Master your Selling.

I know this is a tough one for alot of us. Your selling needs to be better and better each time you interact with a client. The more you understand your ideal client and share your why with them, the more they will resonate with you – it is this energy that will help you get better results. It is that common ground that makes selling so easy, but you need to understand this if not selling can seem sleazy or awkward. But at the end of the day, you are ‘selling’ something to your client that they need or want. They want photos and you can provide that. There is nothing icky about this transaction. In fact you are providing an heirloom in the case of wedding or portraits and if it is a headshot or branding photos, well your client is going to make money from these photos. There is only an upside to the client – you are giving them something they want. Don’t feel bad about selling that to them. 

And PLEASE don’t try to sell to the wrong people. My number one piece of advice is to not try to be all things to all people. The sooner you accept that you can’t be the right photographer for everyone – the sooner you will book more of the right clients, The clients that value what you do. 

Focus on the right people, Focus on attracting people that want what you offer, the way you offer it. Don’t be excited when a client chooses you based on price, you want clients to choose you because of you – because of what you offer – not because you are the cheapest or the only one available. 

To attract and book the right clients and figure out the selling, you need to dial in your messaging. Your clients need to understand why working with you is more unique or better than working with any other photographer out there. Keep trying. Don’t give up. This takes time. Your yourself enough time to get this going without deciding you can’t be successful.

3. Don’t look at what every other photographer is doing!

You aren’t them. You are you – and that’s the great news. Don’t worry what they are doing, stay loyal to what you are doing. Keep that outcome in mind, what are your goals, what are you working towards? Identify your niche. You don’t need to be saying yes to every client that comes your way, you need to focus on the right clients, your ideal clients. Go all in on your niche, put all your energy in this direction and you will get results and find success. Don’t worry about everyone else, just focus on you and your niche. 

4. Get Smarter.

Every day I feed my mind with podcasts, books, articles, blog posts, youtube videos – I want to know more. Being around the energy of successful coaches, business owners, other photographers, this fuels me. This makes me a better business owner. Understanding what I want to create, getting in that zone, that is where it all comes together – and this is how your business grows. Knowledge is power. Hearing other stories, learning, will help you step into being a 6 figure photographer. 

5. Stay committed to your goals.

Don’t waiver when things aren’t working out the way you wanted them to. Don’t change things up on the fly. Have a goal and work towards it. I offer a 4 week course called Evolve. It is a transformational couple of weeks because we discuss what is possible for your business, what outcome do you want? And how can it be achieved? If you don’t lay out a goal – you will never achieve it. A moving target is tough. Goals can change and evolve but you need a northstar to work towards. It is a commitment to keep pushing – takes lots of discipline. But nobody said this was going to be easy! I say that with a huge smile on my face. 

What we have discussed in these 5 points are ingredients that when put together will create success for you, when this energy is focused, will put you on the path to six figures.

Making 6 figures will not happen over night, nope. Nothing good happens that fast. But you will start seeing the results – be consistent and you will be amazed with your results!

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