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What does a successful photography business look like to you?

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What does a successful photography business look like to you?

👉First – you have to decide what you want.

Many years ago we made a conscious decision to carve out time every summer with our kids.

This was a very important business and family decision. We wanted quality time with our kids, to reset and refocus after a busy year, to create 18 summers worth of memories.

This quality time with our kids was one of those outcomes we decided on as small business owners and as parents that work a lot. This sabbatical was non-negotiable because we decided it would be.

📷Owning a photography business is fun but it can be gruelling. A lot of weekends, holidays and school year breaks spent away from the kids.

Making that conscious decision for quality time spent together was the highlight of my year – and non negotiable. As a small business owner you get to decide what you prioritize.

⛳️When you don’t have a goal it’s hard to reach it. You have to decide what you want, what outcome you desire, if not it will never happen.

These summer sabbaticals became fun for the family to plan and most exciting to execute. Great adventures that have created memories that we all treasure. But this happens every year because we decided we want it to. If we do not block that time out then jobs and other responsibilities will grab that time away from us.

This year has been a bit different because of our move from Phoenix to Montpellier, France. We have so much opportunity right at our doorstep – and when my sister decided to visit – an extended family trip to Sardinia was the perfect fit.

Now the kids are 18 and 16 (my niece is 17) and from what I can tell – these summer sabbaticals will continue for awhile – and that makes me so happy!

PS that is Keith steering the #sailboat
Summer Photos all taken with my very handsome and easy to use Leica Q2

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