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What is the Greatest act of Self Love?

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what is the greatest act of self love?

How do we begin this journey of changing our lives?

It sounds so easy – you blurt out a sentence: I want to do this or do that. Move to France, lose 20 pounds, improve my relationship with my mother, get out of debt, find a partner that is the right fit for me, change careers.

But balancing the fear of what happens if we actually do something about wanting this and understanding why we need/want to make this change is really fucking hard.

‘The greatest act of self love is to no longer accept a life you are unhappy with. It is the first step towards real change’. Brianna Wiest, The Mountain is You, pg. 21

This meant for me – taking a long hard look at my finances. If I wanted to change my life then I needed to take a look at myself. My money story. Why I was allowing and justifying overspending, debt, not saving. 

I had to stop the denial and fear of change around my relationship with money. Guess what this meant? Finding the source. Answering some tough questions (from me, to me). Soul searching. This is no easy task, it is hard because it is real. You start understanding you. Who you are. What baggage is brought to this exact moment in your life.

For me my ‘a ha’ moment was my personal finance. For others this could mean stopping the self sabotage of existing in a career for 20 years that pays you barely enough to get by – you have practically an Ivy League education but have decided you are only ‘worth’ this crappy monotonous job. 

Maybe you have been on the diet and exercise treadmill for years. Or you have married a person that you knew deep down you shouldn’t have. 

Whatever that is for you – you can decide that you want more. 

It starts with looking in the mirror and deciding to be accountable to yourself. Not being unkind to yourself but trying to understand why. 

It’s easier to stay where you are then to start reinventing yourself.

But let today be the day that you say enough and start that journey to lasting change. You can’t love yourself anymore than looking out for yourself and creating a future that you want.

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