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Who are you right now?

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My mission is to help you create a business and life that you want: profitable, inspired and on your terms.  Give yourself permission to have the business you truly want. 


When we dive into my coaching program, it is really important to understand who you are and why you want to reinvent yourself. There are several discovery questions that help uncover these why’s and guide us together to dig in deep. 

One of my lead questions is: ‘Who are you right now?’ This sounds like an easy question to answer until you realize how complex this answer can become.

I could answer simply ‘I’m a 52 year old women, wife, mother of two, photographer, life coach.’ Those are a few labels that let you know who I am. But who am I below the surface?

In order to really reach out of our comfort zone, change, take massive action, we need to understand who we are deep down. 

First we need to understand, how did I get here? What have I done well? What I have I not done so well? What decisions have guided me to get to this exact moment in my life? 

When I did this exercise for myself, I realized that to understand how I am here right now, I focused on what I have always struggled with. 

I have always felt a little bit like I don’t belong. 

A lot of my life I feel as if I was looking to fit in yet not always wanting to. I don’t fit a lot of the molds I’m supposed to (according to the unwritten rules of society). Now that I’m 52 I really understand this. I struggled with self confidence yet always knew I was intelligent and incredibly capable. This conundrum that has limited me in certain areas of my life.

But this isn’t about beating yourself up, it is about understanding these beliefs that we have held onto sometimes for a lot of our lives. Addressing them and then using our vast knowledge from the past to create this new future for ourselves.

My journal is filled with pages of trying to answer these questions. Who I am right now is the exact results of key decisions I have made in my life. Which also means that who I am becoming is a direct result of the new thoughts and decisions I am currently making. 

That makes me smile. Because I know that this reinvention that I am undertaking is a big one, and one that is going to be filled with personal growth and self understanding. 

Don’t be afraid of this tough work. Just think of how excited you will be to become this next version of yourself.

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